About us

About SCAS

SCAS was founded in 1978, immediately after the establishment of the Stoneygate Conservation Area by Leicester City Council.  We have existed continuously since then and  have now been operating for 40 years.

Over the last four decades, Stoneygate has changed and the society has evolved with it. Our membership embraces all kinds of people who cherish the conservations area’s uniqueness; residents and non-residents alike. We are committed to positive cultural and physical developments that enhance Stoneygate, maintain its integrity and ensure that is remains a viable and attractive place for those who live in it, work in it or are just visiting.

Our aims

  • To preserve and enhance the amenities, visual and social, of the area and of the contiguous parts of Leicester.
  • To make recommendations and representations to the authorities, when changes or developments are proposed in the area.
  • To increase awareness of residents in the area, in matters appertaining to its history, character and potential.
  • To promote by meetings, lectures, excursions, publications or by any other means, the objects of the Society.